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The Ré.Cit. - Citadel Network: Haiti-tourism: Miss Expoworld visit Haiti in 2012 and opted for promoting clean and worthy (VIDEO)  May 7, 2013 – 00:00
BBC News - Hidden Haiti: The perfect destination for tourists?

Emilie Chiasson, Miss Expoworld 2012, fascinated by the cultural and tourist attractions in Haiti pleaded, during a stay in the country for a "clean and dignified promoting this great country of Haiti" she Declar é in Haiti Press Network.

According to Miss Miss Expoworld 2012 Dauphine also the first contest of Miss Canada in the same year, "Haiti is a country with a rich culture that is unfortunately not quite put forward outside."

"I traveled a lot in my life, I've never heard of the wonders we found in Haiti whatsoever on the musical, cultural and others. This is a very rich festivities "countries, welcomed Miss Emilie, arguing that tourism is a very interesting circuit Haiti.

However, the Quebec 28 years, said he saw this dual reality existing in Haiti. "Here there is a break between two worlds: one side neighborhoods suffering from extreme poverty and the other very rich and flourishing areas, " she noted.

In an interview with Haiti Press Network, the Miss Expoworld 2012 urged Haitians to be proud of their country and to unite to better promote its many riches. She also hopes that outsiders are better educated about Haiti.

Emilie Chiasson promised that upon his return to Canada, she will begin a campaign to encourage other Canadians and foreigners to discover the beauty of Haiti. It should be noted that during a two-week stay in Haiti, Emilie Chiasson visited many natural and tourist attractions.

ExpoWorld is a contest of Miss held in Guatemala involving several competing nearly twenty countries. Emile Chiasson won the last edition of the competition that emphasizes intellectual beauty.

Text: Wilner Jean Louis ( wilner.jl @ hpnhaiti.com ) / HPN

Photo: Fedrick Jean Pierre

Video: Frantz Alexandre

Source: reseaucitadelle.blogspot.com

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