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MONTROUIS, Haiti: Haiti Sees big money Reviving flagging tourism  November 3, 2013 – 09:39 pm


MONTROUIS,Haiti: Haiti Sees big money Reviving flagging tourism - MiamiHerald.com

Now the government is pinning icts hopes on a surge of private investment in hotels and resorts,plus a Venezuelan-Financed $ 13.2 million airport and new on the southern island of Ile-a-Vache,and an $ 8 million development of the historic coastal town infrastructure of Jacmel.

The Tourism Ministry's budget HAS more than Doubled.Under the previous government it was $ 2 million plus a $ 1 million loan from Venezuela's Petrocaribe oil fund.Now it's $ 4.7 million,and Petrocaribe is paying $ 27 million to finance development projects on That include Ile-a-Vache and in Jacmel.

It says It has signed off on 15-year tax breaks and exemptions from import duties for 11 hotel and resort projects costing a total of $ 160 million,with Nearly $ 100 million more in the pipeline or completed.It's a strength training aussi of 53 "tourism Police officers" Who Will learn Spanish and English and be trained in first aid and customer service.

While many in Haiti welcome Anything That can create jobs,some worry the country That Is not ready for a tourist invasion.For one thing,the Tourism Ministry says It has only 3, 200 hotel rooms.For Reviews another,medical services are woefully lacking,has underscored the point in U.S. and Canadian travel advisories.

The government hopes to twice the number of hotel rooms in two years.Aim the first critics say Haiti Has to Improve icts infrastructure.

Sen.Francois Anick Joseph said the country needs paved roads,drinking water and reliable electricity."There are a lot of things That need to be done before we can attra tourists, " he said in a phone interview.via - MiamiHerald.com


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Tourists areas are the most dangerous

Think about it. If you were a petty criminal or a terrorist wanting to prove a point..would you hang around a brothel/Hotel or would you wait for some goofy looking person wearing snadles and a fanny pack outside a "nice" hotel?
In Cap Hatien in Haiti I stayed at a Brothel for $20 a night (and no, I didn't) and in Bucharest I stayed at a really nice brothel for only $35 a night. The similarly equipped Hotels nearby cost around $100.
But in Port Au Prince I alwlays stay at the Hotel Olofsson.

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Dominican Republic

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  • Avatar ♥foreverdance6♥ What is the enemies of Haiti and allies?
    Dec 08, 2006 by ♥foreverdance6♥ | Posted in Trivia

    7 unknown facts about Haiti
    3 places to visit and why

    • The traditional enemy of Haiti are the Dominicans.
      They hate each other .

      Three places to visit :

      1.Jacmel :South of Port-au-Prince, the southern peninsula comprises many beautiful cit …r he became the first settler to arrive in what would become Chicago.
      6.Haiti, has the world's largest percentage of artists in the world.
      7.Haiti, produces , Djon Djon a unique mushroom, only found in Haiti